Friday, December 18, 2009

Friends, Lovers and Ikan Bakar

A friend asked me why did I move to Mlk..?

I told her, I need to change, need to reinvent myself, literally!, need to forget my history and to emerge a new man. Those are promises I made to myself and Melaka is my nesting ground, my incubator. That's why.


Melaka is going great but i'm still not that man, not yet. i'm still the same person I was 3 yrs ago - still changing ( I think..), still reinventing ( I hope..) and still trying to forget (what history?..). I'm still undone still nesting..

Maybe Melaka is not the right place, I get too comfortable here. ( Yeah, I know - excuses n more excuses *sighs*..).But I love the pace here, and of course the people..(yeah, the traffic too..). You never get embalmed in boredom here.

The people are less pretentious and less judgemental, in fact I dont even have to be dead proper here. Maybe I am just lucky with the people I know, I dont know. Dont get me wrong, there ARE potboilers,owh yes! but dontt expect to get away with just anything wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am, not all the time..haha. Boleh kena bakar hidup-hidup LOL!

But promises I made to myself is something I meant to stick to. If I cant make good those promises, how do I make good my promises to others. I guess, it's time to make that fresh and renewed pledges, again!!, o O O must hunt, must stray, must slay, must hunt.. (Hehe, just a minor glitch with priorities, between urges and promises..)

Bee, those promises? They still stand k.Grr! ( err..u take timeless promises, dont u?..)

To all ABUs (anything but United), i'lcry for you this season. Let me assure u, u wont be walking alone, there'l be 19 of u. Ouchh!!

Still wonder what was the tune Nero was fiddling to when Rom was burning..

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