Friday, December 18, 2009

Hail to the thief...

Ok, so some of you came, read my blog and probably thought WT#@* ? LOL! (emote gelak guling tendang terajang)

Here’s the deal… In here, the world is according to me. I am always besides myself when I write about things, because most of them are about my thought… of what I see and what I feel. Some are very brief and fragmented while others, with some yucky details – invented or otherwise. In any case, I never write to jab or poke at anybody.. Seriously, I don’t ..(but I do stroke..)LOL!.

But then again, this IS a small world.

Myspace is actually my not-so-secret-no-reality-check indulgence, esp. in times of great stress (yes..i write) and a great procrastination excuse ( I needed them… still have not gotten my #*!@ together yet).

So welcome to myworld, my thot, my turf and yeah welcome to the neighbourhood.

Eventho things do go horribly clueless sometimes, I’ve been very lucky to have met so many people in my life ( plan, a million..). And I must add I have been very lucky to have my 10 angels on my list. Some of the people who know me personally, know how wonderfully fucked up I really am. The kind who blissfully choose to pay no heed to the time-bomb being planted next to him until it actually exploded. BUT.. I always try to come clean no matter how dirty things get (the keyword here is, except of course for some occasional…err umhh..u know, hehehe ( that with those foxy he!he!he..).

So, tht’s the deal. Saving the world was never on my list…

(oops! Another light bulb just went off in my head – gotta go now..)

To all my 10 angels: You are all a blessing..luv.

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