Friday, December 18, 2009

Don't believe the truth..

There are so many things I dont get.. like why ppl let go reality/life for something much less. Yeah wht is reality anyway..

We are so governed by sex and sins..oopps typo . I mean we are so governed by judgement and condemnation tht we constantly overthink and overfuss on almost everything, killing whtever little impulsiveness and naturalness tht we have, we even change our lives because of wht ppl may think.

I dont know how many times over and again ppl dont get to hear or say something tht shld hv been spoken in the first place, for fear of judgement and condemnation. When opportunity stares, we always say something else. We prefer to kill our anxieties w/o any moment of truth. No condemnation, no judgement and for sure no conclusion...

We are a function of our thoughts. Average man do 60,000 thoughts a day - 90 percent are yesterdays thoughts. See!!? 'If'ing..

Wanna sleep better tonite..? Find space and freedom to be yourself.. And if u can find those space, let me know. I'm looking for more room to roam and to romp.

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