Friday, December 18, 2009

Verification ruled out...

How peculiar, the world was once thought to be flat, and if you walk till the end of the world you might just fall off. I wonder how on earth did they come to that conclusion? Nevermind..

Well, this one happens on my watch. U know, I spend billion hours a day trying not to hurt anyone, I really do. (Not hurting does not mean I’m into pleasing people either, they are totally two diff things k). I’m just into living my normal life, my only life and in the process of doing so, I try not to hurt anyone. Nothing complicated. We do that all the time..

Like everyone else, I chose my frens and my party. But sometimes, you just know the party is over, when trials and tribulations begin. Being all flesh and blood, I do bleed when that happens. Not so much because the party is over or the trials or the tribulations, but more so because I feel a bond with all my frens. And I’m not used to having them showing their fangs at me. Nope, I’m not asserting my innocence here, frens don’t normally show their fangs for nothing (eventho’ it’s their birthright), and for them to do that I must have been a pain somewhere. . I understand, I mean we all have fangs and claws and once in a while we need to put them into play. But when verifications is being ruled out by definitions, everything else become pointless..

There is so much beauty in this world and I don’t want to let myself stuck in a situations like this for long, no matter how twisted they are. I just hope one day…, no I don’t think so, I’m not going to hope. Next time, if it happens again, I will just get myself sedated..…

(Damn! Why do the light bulb in my head keep flickering..must go now)

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