Friday, December 18, 2009

The 13th of Never...

Let’s get things straight here – (yeah, I know this sucks but that’s what everybody say every time they want to make a scene, I mean a point ) .. Eventho’ in here, the world is according to me, everything I said are based on my own experience and feel, and therefore meant to be taken as such. No one is entitled to my opinion =)). We pay different attention to diff things, so naturally we all have mixed and different views about everything..

Even in a relationship, despite the attachment, each one of us continues to be an individual with separate needs and wants and views. There is no such thing as ‘must share’ (everything and anything). Who in heaven, defines or gives the crazy notions that love is sharing? That is not what love is. Sharing must never be construed as a part of any relationship… and NO! it is not a measure for love, closeness or commitment either. Sharing is a gift, you can’t demand sharing..and I’m not talking about drinks here. Hmm..come to think of it, yeah even drinks too..

If someone decide to share their little secret with you, they are actually handling over that part of their life to you..and possibly their soul. And it’s not everyday anybody wants to do that, not just with anyone, so cherish it. As for me, I find it quite amusing, and to some extend annoying, when somebody expect or demand for that part of my life and use it as a measure for something….wait a sec! that was then, yup that was then. Now I’m quite OK actually, I don’t get annoyed anymore. I have this new gadget that shut all system down the moment they smell demand. It is called ‘I don’t believe in love’. Found it some years ago, minutes after my marriage was over. I don’t know who started it first but we (love and I), we are always on confrontational mode, never really see eye to eye - on a lot of things. Love must have taken that long, one way ride to Pluto, away from me - for good, bad or ugly. I know I’m screwed, but hey, I still love women and the things men and women normally do to and with each other, expressing love and needs.. (no AC-DC here heh!), but to actually get myself all tied-up and tangled-up again? I don’t think so…I hate the prospect and I’m so done with : ‘If you really loved me, then you would have…..’

They say love is like magic, it sparkles things up. But magic happens all the time, you can almost smell it, of course they now come under different names like coincidence, luck or chance but love? Love is…and forever will be an illusion of sort. Haha..gotcha!!’s not true, love is there…I’m just screwed. But I’m not going to look for love, or pay for her return ticket from Pluto, never. Love will have to find me and then it’s up to me, my call.

And I never like wedding cakes anyway – I’m sure they have long term, harmful effect ;))

Pie, I didn’t mean what I said this morning..I’m sorry.

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