Friday, December 18, 2009

Hobson's Choice

There are 3 words infinite in my life : Female Human Species LOL

Problem is - after all these years, I'm still asking wht my karma is (with opposite sex). The lines of questioning and the critical judgement tht I get is something to behold. It's quite flattering actually.

Funny - as fren, u r a close confidante and the most trusted person on earth, but 3 words later ( a diff 3 words - not the infinite 3 words ), u r suddenly a world-class bad. The trust level plummeted to below zero.

Tell me, which part of 'I luv you' makes u a world-class bad. Mebbe I'm just not used to having girls over..oopps I mean in my life. I dont really know wht's on their mind or wht they like to do - I dont hv any dolls or make-up or anything, but I luv them, I luv their femininity, their femaleness and everythg abt them..( Re: infinite 3 words..).

Something is wrong with me I think - not them *sigh*

Bee, I wont be home for dinner tonite K.

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