Friday, December 18, 2009

Accident of fate...

Sometimes, in some sick way, it feels good to be down, rejected and to be in pain – It is! At least u r not devoid of emotions and you feel kind of alive. I guess, that must be the blessing ppl were referring to, those days. I don’t know. What else could it possibly be.

My point is – when you are down and out, feel good about it. It’s not the end of the world, not in a million years.

Now for the real point of this blog - After 3 long years of resisting biological imperative (nice word eh!) I find that I’m still like most men, at least as far as those Neolithic urges are concern – must hunt, must slay, must hunt, must stray…LOL, I couldn’t help it, it’s in the configuration. OK! I’m just kidding – but only for the slay and stray part (gelak guling tending terajang). The fact is I dont treat women as sequels, PERIOD!. ( Eh, Period ker per se. ;)) Anyway…..

Today I’m here to thanks each and every one of you (10 in all). You have been and still is the best part of that 3 yrs. Ribut taufan ker, Tsunami ker, London Bombing Ker, Hurricanes ker - at the back of my mind, there’s always you. I just want you to know that.

On the biological imperative part…I’d say, this is no accident of fate, we have always been here for a reason. The imperative is no longer an illusion now, it is more absolute. Finally...

( kenyit mata kat your forensic clues yet..? LOL )

Pie, nothing goes behind ur back..lalala.

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