Friday, December 18, 2009

Who do u love..

Come August this year..I’l be 2 (in YM), you’d think I’d be older..(hmm..tht aging thg again.) and wiser by now. You’d think!.

For me, life in here is still an addiction, a hard habit, an obligation at times.hahaha. Just look at this place, everybody is buzzing, maneuvering and looking for something, It’s a tabloid! U r always a part of something, whether u r on or off radar. anything new is always good by definitions. It can shock, insult or offend me – I don’t care, so long as it doesn’t bore me.. Tell me, where else can u find home…

Yahoowise, I’m really grateful for the things I don’t hv tht I don’t want. Those tht I want and I hv, I want to keep – esp. all my 9 comels. Hmm..lemme see, 9 eh.. o O O

Dizz : Always special. We used to breathe the same air masa kat TTDI dulu. Whtever chatting skill yg I ada, dizz yg ajar..(esp. part yg mengganaz ). She took me to KL1, introduced me to her frens, bawak I masuk frenster and then gave me my own space here..tak penah lagi tinggalkan I. But very soon orang lain dah nak amik dia.

Anis : She’s on a mission, a quest…and since I don’t look anything like keanu reeves, I consider myself out. One time dulu, dia pernah cakap “ Dot, as thief u suck!” . Wht was tht all about anis..? Tu dulu, now kitorang gang bucoks. Tak garang pun minah ni..haha.

Pie : Her 2 ex, were Libran, so she already counted me out..*sighs*. But Pie, let me tell u a lil secret… Selalu nyer yg u xmo tu la will be the one. LOL. Her voice is so the very the..hehehe. We are very close, sampai ada part gaduh-gaduh.

Honeybee : She’s what I call a feel good, a grrr.. and a fren all roll into one. She’s my colors in KL1 and my bucoks elsewhere. Looking at all the comments in her Space, I boleh consider myself an underdog here ---way way under !. Cmolots!!

Yan : She’s my baby since dgr dia nyanyi lagu ‘..stupid mistakes’ and she will always be. Lagipun Yan dah ada Tom Cruise Malaya – how to beat tht..

Leen : Hmm Leen..she’s err umm ooo. We had fun, loads and loads. That’s was before some Khans sorok dia. And I look nothing like any Khan..

Lilot : she’s my Sahara, always mysterious, enigmatic and magnetic. Kejap ada lamaaaaaa takde. A lot of ppl goes missing discovering Sahara…hmm.

Farmie : I like her becos she keeps no skeleton in her closet. Bones..? I dunno. Nak jumpa I, bawak bf…how much more blaring can u get. (Farmgirl dan cowgirl sama tak..? Cowgirl biasa nyer – raw, wild and raunchy . Gurau eh Farmie….sambung LOL )

Ginko : Hmm..she’s always protecting. Ke from me jer.?. LOL.

There goes…all possibilities.

Some guys are born better, while others, like me, we are just born lucky – gelak guling tendang terajang..( eh, kalo lucky macam mana all the 9, the better guys yg dapat..? )

( o O O better to be better ker or better to be lucky.? Hmm..)

Love y’all…muahs muahs and muahs!

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